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Tips for working from home with a nanny

Working from home with a nanny can be a challenging situation to navigate for everyone involved, but there are a few tips that can help make the arrangement work more smoothly:

Set clear expectations from the start

Be clear in your job description and provide all the information to attract the right nanny. Communicate your expectations, including your work schedule whether you will be working from home, the tasks you need them to complete and how you prefer to communicate with them.

Establish boundaries around your work hours

And let your nanny know when you are available. When a parent works from home, there is a risk of unintentionally interfering with the nanny's role, which can lead to confusion and a lack of clarity around responsibilities. By setting clear boundaries, you can empower the nanny to take charge and make decisions, which can lead to a more harmonious relationship.

Avoid regularly checking in on your nanny

As it can lead to micromanaging and have other negative effects on the relationship between you and your nanny. Here are some reasons why constant check-ins may not be the best approach:

  1. Micromanaging: checking in too frequently can make your nanny feel like they're being watched or micromanaged, which can make them feel uncomfortable or untrusted.

  2. Lack of trust: Constant check-ins can also imply a lack of trust in your nanny's ability to do their job without constant supervision

  3. Interruptions: frequent interruptions can disrupt your nanny's workflow and make it difficult for them to complete tasks efficiently.

  4. Burnout: checking in too often can create additional stress and pressure for your nanny, which can lead to burnout or job dissatisfaction

Backup your nanny

To ensure consistency and promote a sense of security in children, it is essential to always have your nanny's back and present a united front when it comes to agreed-upon rules and expectations. Children may attempt to play one adult against the other, which can result in confusion and undermine the nanny's authority. By supporting your nanny, you can help establish her as a trusted authority figure, which will contribute to the children's overall well-being.

Remember, working with a nanny is a partnership, and mutual respect is essential to a successful working relationship. By following these tips, you can establish a respectful and productive working relationship with your nanny, allowing you to work from home with peace of mind. And that is priceless!

If you're considering hiring a nanny, our guide provides valuable information on how to hire a nanny.


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