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Hire a French Nanny in Dubai

French Nanny Specialists

Kindoré is an award-winning international nanny agency based in London. We specialise in providing high quality childcare to families in Dubai and across the world. Whether you require a French rota nanny, live-in nanny or a French governess we have a deep understanding of the language requirements to match you with the right childcarer. 

Finding your French Nanny in Dubai with kindoré

Experienced French Nanny

From childcare expertise to language abilities, we work with some of the best French nannies in the industry. All native French speakers. 

CPR & First Aid Trained

All our French nannies are CPR and First Aid trained, to ensure the safety and well-being of the children under their care. All certifications are obtained within the last three years.  

Qualifications & Certifications

Many of our French nannies hold qualifications, such as degrees of diplomas. Some will have a degree in French Littérature and other subjects, or a FLE (Français Langue Etrangère) diploma. 

Contract Service 

We assist you in drafting and finalising the contract between you and the nanny, ensuring clarity and mutual agreement. 

Trial Period


Our French Nannies can be trialed for up to two weeks to assess compatibility and performance before committing to a longer arrangement. 

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support throughout the placement, offering assistance and guidance as needed. 

To find a French Nanny in Dubai 

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