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About us

We are an award-winning London based nanny agency ready to help make a difference. 

Kindoré was born from a simple yet powerful idea: that we could be the agents of change in an industry that often falls short of expectations. 

Our mission is to provide exceptional nannies who inspire, educate and nurture and who like us believe in the power of play, exploration and compassionate guidance.

As passionate advocates for children, we follow a child-centric approach. When selecting our nannies, we favour quality over quantity, long-term stability and value safety and trust. We want to place dedicated professional childcarers, always keeping children's best interests in mind.

“We want the best for everyone. We value everyone. But ultimately it is our mission to advocate for children's best interests when presenting a potential carer.”




People often wonder. Why Kindoré? Our name holds many meanings, all have great significance to us.

The name kindoré is a beautifully crafted combination of words from different languages each carrying a special meaning that reflects the values that we hold dear.


From kin, the English for family and relatives, kind, the German for child, and the English, describing someone who is pleasant, considerate and the French doré, meaning golden


We believe Kindoré perfectly captures these values by creating powerful words 'kin', 'kind' and 'doré' to create a name that represents the precious values of family, community and kindness we share.

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