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Bilingual Nanny Services We Offer

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English Nanny

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All the cities where bilingual nannies are from London, Paris, Roma etc...

How do bilingual nannies differ from other nannies?

Bilingual nannies are nannies who are proficient in two languages and are able to communicate effectively with children and families who speak those languages. They perform all the typical duties of a regular nanny while providing the following benefits:

Expert in languages

Like having a personal language coach for your children, bilingual nannies can support children in learning a second language naturally by practicing the language in their day-to-day activities.

Cultural understanding

Highly adaptable, bilingual nannies often have a deeper understanding and appreciation of different culture practices and settings. They help children develop cross-cultural competence. 

Is a bilingual nanny the right choice for your family?

Factors to consider when deciding if a bilingual nanny is suitable for your family:

Is your family bilingual or multilingual?  A bilingual nanny can help your child acquire or maintain fluency in the second language of choice. This is especially helpful when both parents are working and language exposure is limited. 

Are you planning to travel or move abroad? A bilingual nanny can help your child prepare for international travel or adjust to a new country by teaching them the language and culture. 

Do you want your child to learn a second language? If you're passionate about language learning and want your child to learn a second language. French, Spanish and Mandarin are the most sought-after languages. 

Bilingual nanny playing with baby

How can a bilingual nanny support your child's language development?

To support and guide language development to its fullest extent our bilingual nannies will implement these four intentional strategies:    

FAQs - Bilingual Nannies

What is the salary range for a bilingual nanny?

Like any other nanny, the salary range for a bilingual nanny can vary depending on factors such as location, experience and the language(s) spoken. Some areas will pay higher rates due to the cost of living or demand for language skills

How can I hire a bilingual nanny?

When seeking a bilingual nanny who speaks a less common language it's essential to keep in mind that the pool of candidates may be smaller. Therefore it may be helpful to consider being flexible with other aspects of the job description to attract a large of qualified candidates For example, you could consider offering additional benefits such as health insurance, paid time off or consider candidates who may not have as much experience as you initially anticipated We are well-versed in the search for bilingual nannies and can provide tailored guidance for your specific needs

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