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Salary Guide 

Salaries for London Nannies and Overseas Nannies 2023

Nanny salaries fluctuate based on the candidate's experience and qualifications, but also the market rates in a specific location. We've compiled a comprehensive guide for various nanny positions. All the figures are presented in gross value. It's important to note that the rates mentioned below are applicable to nannies with a minimum of 3 years of solid childcare experience in a private setting. 

This guide is aimed at families seeking to hire a live-in or live-out nanny and at nannies seeking to secure a new role. 

Nanny Salaries in London

  • Live-out Nanny (full-time) - £35k to £55k+ or a gross hourly rate of £15 to £25

  • Live-in Nanny (full-time) - £32k to £46k+ gross / year

  • Part-time live-out nanny £13 to £16 / hour (net)

  • Weekend nanny - £20 to £30 net per hour

  • Rota nanny (based on a 6-day-a-week role) £1000 to £1,600 gross / week 

Overseas Nanny Salaries

Salaries for overseas nannies are highly contingent on various factors, including their qualifications, level of experience, and the specific skills demanded by the role. Additionally, the geographical location of the position plays a crucial part in determining the compensation offered.

Nannies with advanced qualifications, extensive experience, and specialised skills often command higher salaries.

  • Live in Nanny - £1,300+ net / week 

  • Temporary role - £180 - £250 net / day 


IMPORTANT: Salaries quoted in this guide are presented as guidelines only, based on Kindoré's own experience, observation, and market study in London over a three-year period. 

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