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Hire a Rota Nanny

Child and rota nanny smiling
Child playing with rota nanny

What is a Rota nanny?

A Rota nanny is a highly-experienced childcare provider who offers 24/7 care for a set period, usually between 1-4 weeks, followed by an equal break period while another rota nanny takes over. The two nannies work in rotation, communicating with each other to ensure seamless childcare. 

What are the duties of a Rota nanny?

Rota nannies are responsible for the same duties as other regular nannies but they work extended hours in rotation with another nanny. While rota nannies do need to sleep, they remain available for late-night emergencies or the child's needs should they wake up.

Their primary focus is on the children's well-being and development. They are in charge of all aspects of childcare, including discipline, planning activities, homework and more. They however do not handle general housekeeping or cooking.


During their shift, Rota nannies must be highly organised, adaptable and take full charge of their responsibilities. They take the time to get to know the family, their routines, values and overall way of life. This understanding ensures that childcare is provided in line with the parent's preferences. 

girl sitting on rota nanny's lap

FAQs x Rota Nannies

How much does a rota nanny cost?

The cost of a rota nanny varies depending on factors such as location, experience level, and the number of nannies on rotation. Generally, rota nannies are paid a higher hourly rate than live-in or live-out nannies due to the demanding nature of the role

In what geographical locations does Kindoré offer rota nannies?

At this time, Kindoré offers rota nannies services in several regions, including Europe, the Middle East and the United States

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