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Hire a Montessori Nanny


What is a Montessori
Nanny ? 

Montessori nannies don't just teach a child how to count, they teach them how to count on themselves! Child autonomy is at the core of the Montessori philosophy. The principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori emphasise a child-centered approach to learning and development.


Montessori nannies are trained to be patient, attentive and responsive to the needs of each chid, providing guidance and support in a gentle and respectful manner. 

Looking for an Alternative Nanny?

The kindoré guarantee.

No upfront fees

No hidden fees.

12-month replacement guarantee

Committed to fostering long lasting placements for families and nannies.

Contract Service

Leave the administrative work to us. We help you draft a contract for your nanny.

To find a Nanny

FAQs x Montessori Nannies

The place for the answers you seek

Can a Montessori nanny work with children of all ages?

A Montessori nanny can work with children of various ages, as the Montessori approach to education is designed to be adaptable to different developmental stages.

How can I find a qualified Montessori nanny near me?

Whether you are looking for a local Montessori Nanny or an international nanny who embraces Montessori principles, Kindoré is well-equipped to assist in your search for a Montessori nanny. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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