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20 Essential questions nannies should ask in interviews

Certainly, when you finally secure an interview for a nanny position you're excited about, it’s crucial to bring your best self. While all eyes will be on you, remember: interviews are a two-way street so make sure you bring your own list of questions.

Nanny preparing list of questions for interview

At kindoré, we know from experience that nannies will sometimes avoid asking specific questions for a variety of reasons: fear of losing the opportunity, desire to be agreeable, or simply because they may worry that certain questions could be seen as intrusive or inappropriate. This is understandable, some topics are uncomfortable to discuss. However, asking all the difficult yet important questions is the only way to get the right information you need and make an informed decision about the role on offer.

So what exactly should you ask during an interview? Here are some important questions to consider when interviewing for a nanny position:

Questions about parenting style

  • Do you have any childcare philosophy you want to follow?

  • How do you handle screen time, and are there any guidelines or restrictions in place?

  • Can you describe the level of autonomy and independence that the nanny typically has in this position? How much flexibility is there for the nanny to manage daily routines and activities independently?

Questions about the children

  • Are there any medical conditions or allergies that I should be aware of?

  • Does the child have playdates or attend any classes or groups?

  • What is the typical daily routine for the children?

  • Can you tell me more about each child's personality and interests?

"As a nanny, it's crucial to pinpoint the questions that matter most to you when considering a role."

Questions about the role

  • What are the daily duties I'll be responsible for? This is an important question that should not be overlooked, even when you believe you have all the necessary details from the job description.

  • Can you confirm the regular working hours for this position?

Questions about outdoor and physical activities

  • How often do you encourage outdoor activities, and are there specific preferences or restrictions?

  • Will the nanny have the flexibility and freedom to plan and organise activities for the child?

Questions about communication

  • Are there specific updates or information you would like me to provide regularly?

Questions about babysitting

  • Do you usually need babysitting, and if so, how often?

Questions about compensation (if not discussed earlier)

  • Is the salary paid weekly or monthly?

  • Is there room for negotiation regarding the salary, or is it fixed?

  • Is babysitting included in my regular hours, or would it be considered additional hours with separate compensation?

While compensation is a crucial aspect, addressing it later in the interview process allows for a more comprehensive discussion and ensures that both parties have a solid understanding of the role and expectations before focusing on financial details. However, every nanny should at least have a general idea of the salary range before agreeing to an interview. This is to ensure that both parties are in the same ballpark in terms of salary expectations.

Questions about holiday

While some questions about holidays can wait until after a job offer is made, certain aspects are advisable to discuss during the interview process. It's important to strike a balance between ensuring that the role aligns with your expectations and not overwhelming the discussion too early. Here's a suggested approach:

Questions that can be asked during the interview:

  • How much holiday time is typically offered for this nanny position?

  • Are there any specific guidelines for requesting and scheduling time off?

Questions that can wait until after a job offer:

Choosing holidays: specific details about how holidays are chosen, especially if there's a system where the nanny and family each choose specific holidays.

  • Does the nanny decide when she wants to take her time off?

Advance Notice: The specifics of how much advance notice is expected for holiday time off.

  • How much notice does the nanny need to give for her holidays?

Last but not least

As a nanny, it's crucial to pinpoint the questions that matter most to you when considering a role. While details about a child's preferred meals might be less urgent, understanding the parenting style and discussing compensation are top priorities. This approach ensures you focus on the essential aspects that will help you decide if a position aligns with your expectations and values.


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