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Nannies Dos and Don'ts for a successful interview

A successful job interview involves a combination of preparation, professional behaviour and effective nanny-family communication. Here are some dos and don'ts to help you with your next nanny interview.

nanny job interview


1. Show enthusiasm

Body language is important, smiling and making eye contact are two of the simplest ways to show enthusiasm. It is also important to show you are fully engaged with the interview by asking questions about the children, asking about the family's expectations or sharing your childcare philosophy.

2. Highlight your experience as a nanny and provide examples

Don't assume that the family will have read your CV and know what is on it. It can also be challenging for an interviewer to fully understand who you are or what you can bring to the role solely based on your CV. It is important that:

  • You share specific highlights from your experience.

  • You provide concrete examples.

  • You describe your approach and philosophy.

  • You address any unique qualifications or skills.

3. Ask difficult questions

Don't shy away from difficult questions. You need to assess whether the role and the family's expectations align with your needs, priorities and lifestyle. Questions related to topics like flexibility, hours, salary, holiday, sick days etc... are crucial. By asking these questions upfront you will avoid surprises later or disappointment.

4. Answer questions honestly

Whatever the question, always answer truthfully. If your experience is lacking in a certain area be honest and let the interviewer know that you are willing to learn. Or that you intend to gain the skill.

For example, if your Paediatric First Aid is outdated let the interviewer know that you are planning to take a refresher course before starting the job.

Do's and don'ts for nanny interview


1. Make negative comments

This is a big red flag to anyone interviewing a nanny candidate. Even if you believe the interviewee is reacting favourably to your comments, it is always best to maintain a positive tone throughout the interview. Don't miss any opportunity to show your professionalism.

2. Don't overshare

It's neither appropriate nor relevant. Worse, oversharing during the interview can lead the interviewer to question your discretion, professionalism and understanding of boundaries.

3. Don't overpromise

This may create unrealistic expectations, and potentially lead to dissatisfaction or trust issues later on. For example, promising to be able to handle all aspects of childcare plus housekeeping duties but not being able to deliver on those commitments for various reasons.

4. Don't assume anything

Too often, nannies make assumptions during an interview and don't ask clarifications or important questions.

For example, if babysitting responsibilities are mentioned ask the family to clarify whether this is paid separately or included in the overall salary.

At Kindoré, we are here to support your nanny journey every step of the way, if you are looking for your next nanny placement reach out to us today. We are always looking for exceptional nannies to join our network.


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